OUR promise

There’s a few basic things you gotta know about us.


But we love busting them even more by laughing along and then saying, “Yeah, but we’re not like the other lawyers. Really.” Many lawyers say they’re not like a typical lawyer and that they’re friendly and fun, as they wear their stuffy navy suits and sit at their desks with bookshelves of leather bound books they bought in law school and that green lamp with the gold beady string hanging down (you know the one).

We thought we would start by busting everyone’s favourite conversation about lawyers: money, moo-lah, dough. Yup that’s right, we’re talking about it without ducking, here’s the lowdown from our eyes.


Yup, that’s right, good rules that us Paperclippers we live by. And it’s 3 simple things… oh, and all things nice:

WOW - We want to everyone (yup, that includes you) to feel “WOW’d” with us. Wow’d by our work, our service and our people. Not just that little type of wow that makes you raise your eyebrows and say “Hmmm, that was different” but the big kid of wow that makes you nod your head, and text your buddy that “My lawyer is awesome, is yours? If not, use mine!”. Yup, that kind.

WE - We make and keep positive, open, fun and trusting relationships with our families, team members, community and the earth. We respect integrity, individuality, and humility in each other and support each other's contributions. We celebrate individual successes within the team and team successes together within a supportive, fun, exciting and grateful work environment.

1% - We encourage, embrace and drive change, even as little as 1% at a time, enthusiastically and continuously. We are leaders in innovation, efficiency and inspiration, always remaining curious and making more wrinkles in our brains. We take on challenges together and push each other to do better, but also to lean on each other when there are challenges. We don't want to be comfortable with the ways that things have always been done - we adapt, grow and change to become better, in everything we do.


But we do like bragging about…