OUR team


You know, we’re just your regular awesome team of helpers to help you get your legal stuff done as easily as possible. We work as equals and celebrate as a team, and make fun of each other face to face. Oh, and we don’t wear suits. Here’s the 101 on everyone:

travel Favourite vacation spot ice-cream Ice cream craving food Best dish they can cook
Paperclip Law Elizabeth
  • travelSouth Africa
  • ice-creamPralines + Cream
  • foodSeafood paella
Paperclip Law Eddie
  • travelTurkey
  • ice-creamCookies + Cream
  • foodChicken or eggplant parmigiana
Paperclip Law Jonathan
  • travelAnywhere with nice snow + good ski lines
  • ice-creamOreo
  • foodAll breakfast foods involving bacon + eggs
Paperclip Law Corporation - April
  • travelAny Beach
  • ice-creamOreo
  • foodThai green cury
Paperclip Law Laura
  • travelMaui, Hawaii
  • ice-creamPlain old vanilla! Preferably smothered in salted caramel sauce though.
  • foodParmesan chicken
Paperclip Law Corporation - Stephanie
  • travelParis, Santorini or Cannon Beach (I can't pick just one)
  • ice-creamOreo
  • foodPasta.. ok, really it's Kraft Dinner 
Paperclip Law Corporation - Ashlee
  • travelAnywhere in the Okanagan!
  • ice-creamGrape Float
  • foodChicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with crab and japalenos
Paperclip Law Corporation - Natalie
  • travelKaanapali, Hawaii
  • ice-creamStrawberry
  • foodPerogies