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Jonathan Vroom, Lawyer

Paperclip Law Jonathan

No matter which area of law I am working on, it is my goal to always provide my clients with comprehensive but straightforward and practical advice.

"Work" Stuff

As a lawyer at Paperclip Law Corporation, I work exclusively as a solicitor which means I spend a lot time reading and writing and it also means that you will not find me in court. My preferred areas of practice include business law, real estate law, and wills and estates.

"Why We Work" Stuff

I can be found hiking in the North Shore mountains with my wife, our two children and our dog. I also fill up my free time by volunteering as the treasurer and a ground search and rescue member of the Lions Bay Search and Rescue Society. Although this volunteer position occasionally results in long days and nights deep in the mountains, my two young children have provided me with invaluable training on how to work through sleep deprivation.