OUR work



Stick to what you do best and let us help you make more time for your own business. 

It’s always a choice between time and money (for us business owners), so why not save a lot of one and a little of the other.  At the end of the day, you didn’t start your business to spend your spare time doing legal administrative work (we lawyers did!).  Chat with a us about how we can help you and your company run smoother and so you can spend more time on your business or with your family and friends.

Starting a new company

  • Incorporating a BC company as an operating company or holding company (named company or numbered company)
  • Incorporating a professional company (dentist, doctor, accountant, professional engineer, architect, physiotherapist, realtor, lawyer, other medical professionals)
  • Incorporating a federal company 
  • Registering a company in BC that has been incorporated in another province
  • Shareholder or Partnership agreements
  • Creating a corporate records book for your bank or other financial institution
  • Fixing companies that you incorporated yourself (it’s okay, you’re not alone)

Keeping your business running smoothly

  • CLO (Chief Legal Officer) services for your small or medium-sized business (on call, as needed)
  • General counsel services for larger companies (daily or scheduled rates available)
  • Customized agreements with your business’ suppliers or customers
  • Shareholder or Partnership agreements
  • Reviewing loan documents
  • Reviewing and drafting leases
  • Employment or independent contractor agreements

Your company’s records and structure as you grow

  • Acting as your company’s registered office and records office in North Vancouver as a legal address for service
  • Maintaining your company’s annual resolutions and reports to keep your company in good standing
  • Issuing or transferring shares
  • Issuing dividends
  • Adding shareholders or directors
  • Recording minutes of meetings 
  • Altering or changing the share structure of your company (adding or removing classes of shares)
  • Working with your accountant to prepare the documents for tax transactions (alterations, estate freezes and rollovers)

Buying and selling businesses

  • Drafting and negotiating letters of intent
  • Due diligence process before buying it
  • Buying and selling assets of a business
  • Buying and selling shares of a company

Most of our lawyers have business degrees, because we think that makes the most sense!  What does that mean for you and your company?  You get the benefit of working with a lawyer who understands business law from more than just a lawyer’s perspective.  We deliver the legal information you need to make timely decisions in a practical and easy to understand way so you can focus on your company.  We are your go-to lawyer to assist you with your business, just like your very own in-house counsel that knows you and your business inside and out.  Let us be the first ones you call when you have a question and trust us to be part of your management team in your company.

Doesn’t your business deserve to have the right advisor in place?  After all, you have worked too hard not to.  Your choice in a business lawyer is an important one, so get to know us and find out if we’re a fit for your company.  We’re pretty sure we are. Don’t be shy, we’re just a click away when you’re ready (even if it’s in the middle of the night, we know exactly how that is).