Paperclip Law: Vancouver’s Hands On Corporate And Personal Legal Experts

Do you know the value of partnering with a legal team you can trust? Finding a lawyer you can depend on through thick and thin is an invaluable resource that can save you countless headaches and plenty of time (and usually money) when it matters the most. Since 2011, Paperclip Law has assisted clients throughout […]

How To Handle A Corporate Breakup

Breaking up corporately doesn’t have to be hard to do! Has your business experienced rapid changes that have altered existing partnerships and ownership structures? The corporate world moves fast and in the blink of an eye, relationships can often shift in response. While few business owners want to think about what might happen if their […]

Remote Witness Requirements for Estate Planning

As the BC Government’s state of emergency is still ongoing, they have finally decided to, at least temporarily, amend the rules for signing wills, powers of attorney, and representation agreements. This change was made to accommodate social distancing protocol and those who have special circumstances to ensure the safety of everyone involved. The government is […]

Steps to Take After the Death of a Loved One

The death of a loved one can be a difficult time to navigate, especially considering the emotional toll it can take. The last thing you want to think about now is how to practically go about handling and administering their estate and all the little steps that need to be taken to wrap things up. […]

Tax Opportunities During COVID-19

Doom, gloom, and losses. There’s been a lot of negative chatter in the past few weeks with the shutdown of the economy and community as we knew it. Along with the decline in consumerism and cash flow, we’ve also seen the decline in business values across various sectors (well, maybe except for toilet paper, hand […]

Advice For Real Estate Newbies During C-19

With the way the world is right now, many people have panicked about their current real estate situations. Many of our clients are wondering if this is the right time to sell or cash out, is it the right time to buy with rates so low, or should we put life on pause until we […]