Vancouver Legal Expertise With Paperclip Law

Are you in need of legal representation within the Greater Vancouver Region? Tired of facing long, boring, meetings with your attorney every time you have a simple question to ask? Daydreaming of finding a legal team that just “gets it”? Paperclip Law is here to help! Since 2011, Paperclip Law has assisted clients throughout the […]

Appointing Non-Resident Executors and Non-Resident Guardians

When you appoint non-resident executors and guardians, does it create problems? The short answer is, yes – appointing a non-resident executor or a non-resident guardian creates both administrative and tax complications for your estate. Foreign Executors An executor is the person you appoint to carry out the terms of your Will. This includes doing things, […]

5 Legal Questions To Ask When Setting Up Your Business

It’s no secret that Vancouver is home to one of North America’s busiest and most diverse entrepreneurial sector. With thousands of startups and enterprises launching each year, some of the greatest minds in today’s market call the West Coast home. At Paperclip Law, we’re proud to partner with corporate clients from all walks of life […]