Fast Facts About Writing a Will: Estate Law With Paperclip Law

Have you begun the process of planning the handling of your estate and affairs upon your passing? It’s a simple truth that no one ever wants to think about leaving those we love behind, but taking a proactive step and gathering information to get your estate in order can bring significant peace of mind to […]

Ready for Your Closeup? Quick Facts On Entertainment Law

When you think of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, your mind probably wanders to the summer’s latest blockbuster, your favourite tv show, an upcoming live performance or any one of the fascinating products that the world of showbiz has to offer. While you may be aware of some of the more overt legal aspects that […]

Do You Know the State of Your Estate?

Have you recently experienced a major life change that’s made the future feel extra important? Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family, have recently married, or have experienced a loss in the family, there are countless reasons the handling of your estate may come to mind. Though it might be a little unpleasant […]