What Are the Benefits of External Legal Counsel

Do you know the value of working with an external legal team? While it can sometimes feel daunting to work with an outside team, the reality often is that having an objective third party serves as a significant advantage that makes it easier to obtain your goals and handles disputes. At Paperclip Law, we understand […]

Wills Vs Probate: What’s the Difference

If you’ve been putting off estate planning and are finally ready to take your first steps towards sorting out the information required, there’s never been a better time to take charge and ensure your family is protected in the event of sudden loss. Even though thinking about leaving behind those you love is one of […]

Conquer with Confidence with Paperclip Law

Are you looking to boost your business and get ready for the next phase of expansion? Whether you’re a startup that’s looking to lay a solid foundation for the growth of your company or a longstanding corporation that’s ready to shake things up and take control of the market, Paperclip Law is here to help! […]

Small Business, Big Heart: Supercharge Your Business With Paperclip Law

Are you one of the many small business owners that found themselves facing a surge of demand post-2020? Are you tired of waiting for the “perfect” moment and are ready to take charge of your future and leave your mark on the market? Paperclip Law is here to help! Based in both Vancouver and Squamish […]