5 Legal Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

Are you planning on taking advantage of BC’s active housing market and listing your home? Selling your current residence can be an exciting experience that gives you the ability to chase after the home of your dreams, but in order to make sure you’re fully covered, there are quite a few aspects you’ll want to […]

Paperclip Law: Business Legal Advice You Can Trust

Has 2021 seen your business experience drastic changes in operations to keep up with the market and consumer demand? Businesses today are facing unique circumstances unlike ever before, and without a trustworthy team of legal service providers on your side, staying on top of the market and constantly evolving regulations can feel like a nightmare. […]

Land Ownership Registry Filing

Hello there, Hope you are well! Our team hit up the pumpkin patch for some waffles and sunshine last Friday to celebrate our achievements this past summer, and now we’re knee deep in puddles, apple pies, cinnamon everything, and of course, all we could talk about are Land Owner Transparency Registry filings! There is no […]

Incorporation Basics: Read This Before You Take the Leap!

Has 2021 seen your side hustle bust into the market and blossom into a growing enterprise? Are you ready to entertain taking the next steps at making your passion into a solidified business that’s set up for success in the future? Making the leap from small-time fundamentals to a big-league contender can often feel like […]