Wowzers, I have an incredible team. I am so grateful to them for stepping up to a whole new level of dedication and loyalty. In this year’s craziness, we doubled our size, adding an incredible roster of talent, personalities (hello office roasts!) and skills.

Jonathan Vroom remains our legal brainiac in the corner office, just getting tons of good stuff done for our clients. Eddie Carter moves between our North Vancouver and Squamish offices to build a following in both communities. A big welcome to our newest lawyer, Carl May who survived his first 10 days with us (he’s fitting in just fine).

But, who really makes it happen?

Laura Bilton is just our everything-paralegal through some pretty lean and crazy times. April LeCerf, the real estate ninja who knows everything there is to know in the midst of the most unprecedented real estate market. Ashlee McGaw, a quick learner, and smarter drafter, who created an entire department that we didn’t know we needed. Natalie Gaines is brilliant and diligent bringing great joy to hearts and inboxes, quickly becoming an office backbone. Stephanie Hahn (aka office administrator extraordinaire) helps our team, clients, printer and toaster, and everything in between!


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