Welcoming Monica Pescador To The Team

We are thrilled to welcome Monica Pescaor to our team of  lawyers

With eight years of experience as a lawyer, Monica joins us with a wealth of knowledge in corporate law, real estate, and estate planning. Her remarkable credentials and entrepreneurial spirit make her a valuable addition as we continue to elevate the quality of our legal services and client care.

Meet Monica, a driven individual determined to leave an indelible mark on the world through her unwavering commitment and expertise. She embarked on an educational adventure at York University, where she pursued her honours bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental studies. Her thirst for knowledge led to the University of Ottawa, where she earned her Juris Doctor.

While Monica was busy hitting the books, she also managed to explore the captivating world of Costa Rica’s coffee industry. She traversed the lush landscapes, camped in its forests, soaked up the rich aromas, and delved deep into the captivating business of fair-trade, shade-grown coffee. Monica’s dedication led her to craft a major paper on this fascinating subject. But she didn’t stop there! She transformed her research into a not-for-profit business, using her powers for good by providing charitable funds to sustainable projects in Costa Rica. Talk about turning passion into action!

After conquering the world of academia, Monica set her sights on the legal realm. In 2015, she was called to the Bar in Ontario, where she practiced insurance defence and personal injury litigation. But this adventurous soul couldn’t resist the call of the wild. During a summer visit to British Columbia, she fell head over heels for the province. She camped, skydived, cliff-dived, and conquered mountains through thrilling hikes and 4×4 adventures. British Columbia had stolen her heart!

In 2016, Monica decided to plant her roots in British Columbia’s scenic Sea to Sky Corridor. She opened her own practice in a charming small town, offering community-based legal services with a focus on business and real estate. Monica is not your average lawyer; she’s a true entrepreneur at heart! Besides practicing law, she has dabbled in various industries, from coffee to equipment repair to wellness. She knows first-hand what it takes to build successful businesses.

Monica’s journey continued in 2021 when she made the exciting move to Squamish, British Columbia. There, she joined a full-service firm, immersing herself in the world of corporate law, real estate, estates, general litigation, and family law. She’s a force to be reckoned with, tackling every challenge that comes her way with gusto.

But there’s more to Monica than her professional achievements. When she’s not busy in the office, you’ll find her soaking up the wonders of Squamish with her daughter by her side. They embark on countless adventures in the great outdoors, whether it’s exploring the scenic trails, frolicking on the beach, or revving up their dirt bikes.

Monica’s love for life extends to her hobbies, including meditation, healing arts, and painting. Oh, and don’t forget about her trusty paddleboard, a summer staple for exploring the breath-taking Sea to Sky Corridor. From Pemberton to Whistler to Squamish, she’s always on the move, embracing life to the fullest.

Monica is an extraordinary individual whose unique blend of legal expertise and entrepreneurial spirit sets her apart. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and passion for the law enable her to deliver exceptional results while maintaining a compassionate approach.

With Monica by your side, you can trust that her boundless energy and zest for life will be channelled into achieving your legal goals. Prepare for an empowering journey, as Monica is dedicated to making a difference in the most exciting and impactful ways imaginable.

If you are looking for legal help in Vancouver, Squamish, or Pemberton, we are here to serve you!

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