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Today’s business world moves faster than ever. With technology revolutionizing the way we innovate and produce proprietary materials, assets, processes, and more, competition on the market has never been more fierce. Whether you own a fledgling startup or an established corporation, trademarking your intellectual property ensures that you’re able to maintain a leading edge and grow your business with confidence.


Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Intellectual Property Law is an umbrella term used to refer to three major legal areas, each of which plays an important role in safeguarding your assets and ideas. Areas under this umbrella include:

Trademark Law

Trademarks are essential for any business, contractor, or individual entity. Trademarks are what helps distinguish your brand from competitors, as well as build your reputation among customers. Assets handled under this category include words, designs, and distinctive shapes or wrappings that clearly distinguish your products and services. Your business name is also eligible to be trademarked if it sets your products and services apart from similar providers.

Registering trademarks helps to protect your brand against imitation, misuse, or other occurrences that may damage your reputation.

Copyright Law

Copyright Law refers to the protection of creative works belonging to an individual or entity. Copyright applies to a broad range of assets including songs, books, photographs, drawings, manuscripts, unique computer codes, and more.

In practice, registered copyright prevents the unlawful reproduction of your creative works without express permission and prohibits others from profiting from your work.

Patent Law

Patent Law extends legal protection to inventions. A patent prevents your competition from manufacturing or distributing your creation for profit without your express knowledge and permission.

Dare To Challenge The Status Quo

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives of the world, unite! At Paperclip Law, we understand the challenges that come with dreaming big and boldly paving the way for the future. Our team of legal experts are here to ensure that you have the protection you need, as well as the counsel to guide you through every process and question. From guarding your work against the competition to watching your back when others think you’re stepping on their territory, Paperclip Law has you covered. Contact us now to speak with our knowledgeable Intellectual Property legal team.

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