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Summing It Up

heart-centered leadership, bigger than the individual, While respecting each of our unique and creative gifts.

A Glimpse of Life At Paperclip

At Paperclip, we realize that life is about so much more than “going to work”, which is why we are committed to an adaptive, open, and flexible working environment.

We value heart-centered leadership and a commitment to something bigger than ourselves, while at the same time respecting the unique and creative gifts and desires of each of us as individuals.

If you are an ambitious and intelligent lawyer, and are looking for an impactful, human-centric career, you are in the right place.

Our Culture

Step into an ambitious heart-centered culture

At Paperclip, we are anchored by our core values:
  • Lead With Heart: We are committed to long-term connections, heart-centered leadership, and growing alongside each other to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Be On The Same Side: We foster a culture of collective teamwork, we have each other’s backs, and we are loyal, both to each other and our clients and community.
  • Turn Up The Vibe – We bring our whole selves to work, owning who we are, respecting each other’s differences, and having fun while we are here.
  • Jump Out of the Box – We are willing to stick our necks out and lead the pack with innovation, technology, and thought-leadership.
Our People

Surround yourself with like-minded, but unique individuals.

At Paperclip, we are building a team you will be surrounded by a team of like-minded by
  • Collectively Competitive: We understand that together, we can do more than we ever could alone. We drive each other to work harder for more freedom and enjoyment.
  • A Commitment To Personal Growth: Individually and collectively, we are committed to growth, career advancement, emotional intelligence, resilience, and grit.
  • Autonomous But Dependent: We respect our individual freedoms, but also understand we are a larger system, working together towards one unified goal.
Our Perks

We Care About Our People – A lot.

At Paperclip, we take care of our people. Here are just a few of our growing list of perks you provide all of our employees:

  • Birthday holidays
  • Emotional and organizational resilience training
  • Regularly team building and community events
  • Monthly celebrations of work birthdays and life events
  • Mental health days 
  • Free access to meditation and workout apps 
  • Access to team memberships including Chapters, Costco, and Amazon
  • Permanent work from home policy
  • Individual offices for everyone (if desired)
  • Flexible and accommodating schedules – cause we get life.

Current Openings

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