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Why Choose Paperclip?

Our Mission

We are here to help you do good.

We are bringing the humanity back into law, helping to facilitate a growing class of entrepreneurs, investors, and heart-centered individuals who care about more than the bottom line.

For us, it’s about the bigger picture of life, our future, the potential of the world we could live in!

We Do Law... Differently.

On a mission to debunk myths and change the status quo of the legal industry to a more human and heart-centered approach.

From our client experience to our flat-fee service structure, the deep personal connections we develop with our clients, our holistic approach to your business and life, our mission is to change the way law is done, bringing heart-centered leadership back to the forefront of business.

North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver and Squamish Lawyers

So, Why Paperclip?


We Are Small and Specialized.

Nimble, adaptable, and flexible to serve the unique needs of our clients.

By staying small, we are able to provide personalized and innovative solutions that impact you where it actually matters – all so your future can run more smoothly, with more efficiency, certainty, and confidence.


We Become Part of Your Team.

Business moves fast and we move at the speed of it – whatever It Is.

We aim to integrate our team into yours so that we can move together, faster than either of us could move alone. We’ll meet you where you are at and help take you where you want to go in the long-term, at a pace you feel comfortable with.


We Do The Heavy LIfting, So You Don't have To.

You hire us to make your life easier, not to have more work to do. We always prioritize doing the heavy lifting.

Our job is to make your life easier. When you work with Paperclip, we come in not only as your counsel, but as a team of lawyers focused on doing the heavy lifting.


We've Grown Our Own Businesses.

We aren't just lawyers. We are entrepreneurially-based lawyers.

We don’t just provide you with business advice from the perspective of being lawyers. We’ve been there, built our own companies, and understand the unique perspectives and challenges that come from running businesses. We look at your business through that lens and then apply the law to it.

Looking For Law Help?

Paperclip is committed to making law easy for our clients.