Protect The Ones You Love When It Matters Most

Handling the passing of a loved one is an incredibly difficult experience for anyone to process. In addition to grieving your loss, there are several legal and financial decisions that need to be made with regards to the handling of your personal estate. Appointing an executor ensures that you have a dedicated individual to handle the carrying out of your wishes during this challenging time, giving your loved one’s clarity and peace of mind. At Paperclip Law, our team is here to support you and those you care about most with comprehensive estate planning services. From helping you draft and update your will to partnering with your chosen executor to make carrying out your wishes easy, Paperclip Law is here to help.

Clear Path Forward

Have you recently been named the executor of a loved one’s estate? Being an executor can often feel like an overwhelming responsibility, even if you’ve had time to prepare. As the designated authority over the recently deceased estate, you’ll face such tasks as:

  • Overseeing funeral arrangements
  • Notifying family
  • Dealing with government agencies to apply for death benefits
  • Handling outstanding debts
  • Distributing assets among beneficiaries
  • Acting as the authority for legal, real estate, accounting professionals, and more.

Taking on these responsibilities during your time of grieving can lead to increased stress for everyone without proper guidance. Paperclip Law is here to assist you through this challenging experience, offering support, legal expertise, and a compassionate approach to carrying out your loved one’s wishes. We’re here to make sure you feel confident in the decisions you will have to make and to ensure that everyone’s interests are protected throughout the entire process.

What If My Loved One Didn’t Have A Will?

In the event of a sudden and unexpected death, it is possible that the deceased may not have an existing will or updated will for family members to refer to. In cases such as these, working with an experienced team of probate specialists will help to avoid undue stress and confusion as you sort through the estate and determine the best steps forward. Paperclip Law will help you sort through the details to determine a clear path forward.

Peace Of Mind Comes With Trust

At Paperclip Law, we believe in doing things differently. Since 2011, we’ve been partnering with our clients throughout the Vancouver region to form long lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust and transparency. Our team is here to stand alongside you rather than hiding behind outdated boardrooms and stuffy suits. Paperclip Law’s legal expertise stands strong on a simple concept: real solutions, for real people. Whether you’re looking to protect your family when you’re gone or to honour the wishes of your loved one, Paperclip Law is here to help