Small business

Small Business.
Big Results!

Are you looking to partner with a law firm that helps you grow your small business and solidify your spot as a market leader? At Paperclip Law, we know that small businesses have big hearts, and even more to offer their customers. Whether you’re looking to ramp up and expand or need help getting started, our team of legal experts based in both Vancouver and Squamish are here to help. From protecting your intellectual property to navigating the tricky waters of everyday business, partnering with Paperclip Law means you’ll always have the right team on your side.

Lead the Pack

Today’s business world moves fast, and if you’re not prepared to handle the many curveballs life can throw your way, you’ll quickly find that it’s easier to sink than swim. Working with Paperclip Law not only gives you a life jacket when it matters the most but also helps you build a solid foundation that lets you tackle the waves with confidence. Our team believes in partnering closely with our clients to form a personal, dynamic relationship that allows us to fully understand your company culture, as well as your needs for today, tomorrow, and the many years to come. With extensive services geared towards helping you grow and protecting you in the process, business owners can trust Paperclip Law to walk alongside them through every up and down and keep you covered when it counts.

Our corporate legal services include:

  • Incorporation
  • Corporate governance and board advisory services
  • Partnerships, including shareholders and joint venture agreements
  • Employee and compensation agreements
  • Business mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring
  • Commercial agreements and documentation pertaining to manufacturing, distribution, licensing, confidentiality and consulting
  • Tax-driven transactions like estate freezes, rollovers, and family trusts
  • Mergers and acquisitions through asset and share purchases
  • Growing using debt and/or equity raises
  • Human resources and employment advisory
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual Property and more.


At Paperclip Law, we’re more than just a team of legal experts with industry-leading knowledge; we’re business operators that put people first. Our firm is grounded in the passionate understanding that each one of our clients is far more than just a number and deserves the same care and attention that we look for in our own dealings. What does that mean for you? It’s simple: no unnecessary legal jargon, no hiding behind stuffy boardrooms and uptight suits, just real, dependable expertise and trustworthy transparency that will help you get where you need to go.

Find out more about how we can help your small business grow by contacting our team today!