Are you ready to take advantage of one of the most diverse and ever-growing real estate markets in North America? Paperclip Law is here to help clients in the Greater Vancouver Region, as well Squamish, British Columbia tackle all their real estate legal needs with assistance from our experienced team. From purchasing a brand new home to navigating Strata regulations, handling commercial property matters and more, we have you covered.


Vancouver’s real estate market moves fast and without the proper legal representation, you can often miss out on valuable opportunities. With Paperclip Law on your side, you can safely and confidently navigate today’s market with ease. From buying and selling to tenant agreements and all related matters, Paperclip Law’s team of experts know just how vital it is to have the information you need when it matters most. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive services you can count on. Our real estate related areas of assistance include:


Purchasing or selling your home is an exciting milestone that marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The process of selling or buying involves considerable paperwork and consideration, and without the right team on your side, can often feel overwhelming. Paperclip Law helps to remove any confusion so you can focus on moving in or out and getting settled into your new space.


Commercial property is in high demand throughout Vancouver regardless of the industry associated with the space. Paperclip Law is happy to work alongside you to make sure your “dream office” truly has everything you need and to protect your bottom line.


Property development in British Columbia is subject to various bylaws and documentation and can lead to the potential for disputes with contractors and other complications. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to develop your property safely as well as protection and guidance once construction is completed.


Paperclip Law’s core real estate offerings include:

  • Assistance buying or selling houses, condominiums, bare land and cabins, and commercial properties
  • Support when it comes to securing a mortgage or line of credit from a financial institution or private lender (refinancing)
  • Drafting contracts of purchase and sale for private purchases or sales (transactions are done without a realtor)
  • Assisting with subject removal process by reviewing title documents, state minutes, and disclosures statements
  • Drafting and executing bare trust declarations for companies or for estate planning purposes
  • Construction loans and lines of credit, and much more.

Tackle the Vancouver Real Estate market with confidence with Paperclip Law today. Contact us now to learn more!

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