Wills Made Simple

Date: Feb 14 (12:30PM) or Feb 15 (6:30PM)

Join us for a FREE 30-minute Wills Workshop (over Zoom) that will help you understand:

  • When and why estate planning/wills are important
  • What you need to understand about them
  • What decisions you need to make 
  • How to make these decisions, and
  • Strategies for blended family or if you have corporate assets.

Wills Don't Have To Complicated. We are here to help!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of starting  or handling your estate matters, or your facing the realities of a sudden passing in the family, our Wills Workshop is here to help!

The Wills Workshop is a casual and educational session filled with all the information and guidance you need to get your will finished in just a matter of hours!

What Will I Learn During The Workshop?

During the Wills Workshop, you will learn:

  • When and why estate planning and wills are important
  • What you need to understand about to effectively set up your will.
  • What decisions you need to think about and make
  • How to make effectively make these decisions, so your assets are handled, and
  • Strategies if you are a blended family or have corporate assets to consider

When is it?

The Wills Workshop will be offered at 2 times:

  • Feb 14 at 12:30PM PST
  • Feb 15 at 6:30PM PST

Follow-Ups will be scheduled between February 16 and February 23 at a time that is convenient for you.

How much is it?

The Wills Workshop is totally free and designed to be education and informative. If you decide to move forward with your will after the workshop, we will have a fast-tracked and discounted process for those that attend.

Will I have a will by the end of it?

After the Wills Workshop, you can decide if you wish to proceed with your estate planning process.

If you do, you will simply return the completed workbook to us with your availability for your follow-up call where we will finalize and notarize everything.

Once we have had a chance to review the workbook and answer your questions and raise any considerations for your estate planning including corporate assets, taxes, and blended families, we will schedule a meeting for signing in our office.

In between, we will draft the documents and finalize them with you.

Is The Workshop A Fit For You?

This workshop is perfect for individuals and parents who:

  • Seek peace of mind with a legally sound estate plan

  • Desire customized, personalized documents

  • Aim to control asset distribution and avoid headaches for loved ones

  • Wish to appoint legal guardians for minor children

  • Are busy, but motivated to get this done

This workshop is not for those who:

  • Prefer to leave their estate in the government’s hands
  • Are looking for a quick, unreliable internet template
  • Need extensive time to decide
  • Have complex asset structures

Why Sign Up?

In our fast-paced lives, contemplating death, taxes, money, and family in one go is daunting. Without proper documentation, you risk adding conflict, confusion, and chaos to your loved ones’ lives.

Join our free Wills Workshop now to ensure peace of mind in 2024 – and enter Spring break with one less thing to worry about.

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