A Real Canadian Story of Opportunity

Ahead of Canada’s 150th birthday bash, we’ve been reflecting on what makes Canada so special to us. My mind returns to a story that has always stuck with me even though it happened five years before Paperclip Law was born. You all know the story of the 26-year-old man who made 14 trades starting with a paperclip and ending up with a house. Why is this story so fitting for us as we look forward to celebrations this weekend?

  1. Opportunity. When you start with something small, you never know where it takes you. Just like us boldly carving out our little law world, and with all Canadians having those possibilities and opportunities.
  2. Heart. It was 14 (or likely more) people with open hearts that wanted to support this man in his vision and his dream of getting further ahead. We’re also dedicated to our clients’ visions of their future, their families, and their businesses.
  3. Inspiration. “The journey is more exciting than the goal.” No one knows where we’re going and where we’ll end up, so the steps along the way fuel this passion and journey to make each decision and day as much fun and full as possible.

Maybe this will become my new answer when people ask me why I named my company Paperclip Law. It makes us wonder what would have happened if he started with an orange paperclip…


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