Allan Financial is a company that we’ve known for years. They’re an awesome life insurance company – but they don’t just sell insurance…

Allan Financial is a company that we’ve been familiar with for years. They’re this awesome life insurance company with clients throughout Vancouver, the North Shore, Squamish, Whistler, & Bowen Island. I love their culture because they’re youthful and bright, and always looking to the future for new ways to shake things up. They don’t just sell life insurance to people, they take their client’s long term goals and dreams and make them happen. How cool is that? Who said insurance was boring?

Life insurance is certainly not one of the most interesting topics out there (for most people, at least), but Allan Financial has managed to keep it fresh somehow. One way is through their commitment to the Kiva Project. They partnered with Kiva, a non-profit organization, and launched a community micro-finance initiative to help entrepreneurs who are undercapitalized, to alleviate poverty. To date, this inspirational initiative has supported 1,517 female entrepreneurs in 34 countries. We’d love to be able to have that type of impact one day.

We kinda know what it’s like to try to bring some innovation to an industry that needs some shakin’. It’s often challenging, super difficult, but also the only way in the future. Leaders don’t look in the rearview mirror…just out the front and keep driving forward. When you break a mold and shake things up, some (most) don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable, yucky, and scary. But the only thing you can count on is change (and some uncertainty). Discomfort leads us to new places, and when it comes to financial companies, Allan Financial is leading the way. Keep up the good work over there!


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