Just Building Your Empire

Ah, just building your empire! Isn’t that who we all are? In our own little way, just taking an idea, pouring our souls in, and watching it flourish year after year. Living the dream, right?

A business starts off as a big idea, often by fluke – a passing thought, self-reflection about how things could be – something someone said, a disgruntled experience somewhere, a recipe that everyone raves about, or a career/work event that shifted our thinking, and all of a sudden there is that glowing light bulb. You know exactly what would have made your *insert whatever experience/conversation/meal here* so much better and you just know that your idea will have a huge impact on other people’s lives too – all of a sudden BAM! You are building an empire.

There’s going to be fear and nervousness, and butterflies all around. There’s going to be a lack of focus and doing things you shouldn’t be doing but there was no one else. You are the empire.

“Jump, and grow wings on your way down.”

How will your fabulously amazing idea grow from lightbulb to empire? Download the ultimate Guide to Building Your Business Empire to find out!

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