Separating Personal and Business Assets in Wills: How Dual Wills Can Help

If you’ve begun the process of planning your estate, you’ve no doubt discovered that getting your affairs in order involves far more details than most people tend to expect. This is especially true for those who hold significant investments or business shares, as well as those who have recently come into a large increase in […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Will

Are you on top of your plans for the future? Have you taken the time recently to ensure that your estate is in order? As the last few years have reminded us, life has a way of keeping us on our toes and presenting us with the unexpected at the least convenient of times. While […]

Wills Vs Probate: What’s the Difference

If you’ve been putting off estate planning and are finally ready to take your first steps towards sorting out the information required, there’s never been a better time to take charge and ensure your family is protected in the event of sudden loss. Even though thinking about leaving behind those you love is one of […]

Plan For Tomorrow Today with Paperclip Law

Are you one of the many Canadians that finds the prospect of writing your will and handling your estate daunting? While it’s completely normal (not to mention understandable) to feel a little overwhelmed when thinking about your passing, managing your estate and having a plan in place is one of the best ways to ensure […]

Basic Tips for Writing a Will

Are you prepared for the future with safeguards that will protect those you love in the event of a medical emergency or your sudden passing? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Each year, countless Canadian families find themselves facing incredibly difficult decisions after the death of a loved one without a will or […]

Fast Facts About Writing a Will: Estate Law With Paperclip Law

Have you begun the process of planning the handling of your estate and affairs upon your passing? It’s a simple truth that no one ever wants to think about leaving those we love behind, but taking a proactive step and gathering information to get your estate in order can bring significant peace of mind to […]

Do You Know the State of Your Estate?

Have you recently experienced a major life change that’s made the future feel extra important? Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family, have recently married, or have experienced a loss in the family, there are countless reasons the handling of your estate may come to mind. Though it might be a little unpleasant […]

Appointing Non-Resident Executors and Non-Resident Guardians

When you appoint non-resident executors and guardians, does it create problems? The short answer is, yes – appointing a non-resident executor or a non-resident guardian creates both administrative and tax complications for your estate. Foreign Executors An executor is the person you appoint to carry out the terms of your Will. This includes doing things, […]

Protect Those You Love Most With Estate Law Services

Do you have a plan in place to protect your loved ones in the event of a sudden passing or medical event? No one wants to think about the many unfortunate things that could take us away from those we care about most, but planning ahead allows you to protect your family during one of […]