We’ve been Climate Smart for 4 years!

One of our law firm’s values is “We” and that means celebrating positive, open, fun and trusting relationships with our families, team members, community and of course, the earth.  So, we’ve committed to being as gentle as we can to the planet, by measuring our emissions inventory and committing to reducing it year over year.

Here’s the top 10 things we’ve done over the past few years (and going strong) to keep us Climate Smart:

  1. We have no off-site paper storage. Everything is stored in the cloud!
  2. Scanning as much as we can so let us know if you would prefer to receive documents by scan rather than in paper
  3. Printing and photocopying double-sided every time we can
  4. Encouraging our clients to receive documents in electronic format
  5. Requesting that all invoices and statements be sent to us in electronic format
  6. Turning off our lights in the boardroom and offices when we’re not using them
  7. Reusing paper and boxes as much as possible before recycling
  8. Moving our NV office location near Lonsdale Quay so we can reduce our driving and take the Seabus as much as we can when we’re heading to our Gastown office
  9. Choosing vendors who share our values of being kind to the environment
  10. We’re starting our project of converting our corporate records into digital ones so stay tuned for this!

We’d be happy to hear any other ideas you have!

We’re now one of only a few law firms that is Climate Smart certified in BC. Interested in joining us on this path to reducing the emissions in your business? Contact us today!


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