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Is it time to take your business to the next level? Need a skilled team of legal experts to help you navigate Vancouver’s ever-shifting corporate landscape? Paperclip Law is here to help! With full-scale legal services geared towards the business market, we’re proud to assist clients throughout the Greater Vancouver Region, the Fraser Valley, and Squamish, British Columbia as you grow their companies and follow the road to sustainable success. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with a reputable team like Paperclip Law below!

Why It’s Time To Find Your Legal Dream Team

Have you been putting off finding a dedicated legal team for fear of extravagant costs and the inevitably impersonal approach you’re sure you’ll get? You’re not alone. Plenty of business owners tend to have the mentality that lawyers should be avoided until they become absolutely necessary. While this perspective can be understandable, it neglects to realize the many benefits there are to partnering with a trusted firm.

When you right fit, you’re not only protected in the event of a crisis, but also gain access to valuable support for all day to day needs of corporate entities. This means you don’t have to fight the countless battles facing your business alone, and can always have peace of mind.

We’re Here To Back You Up

It’s no secret that the entrepreneurial life can be messy; fortunately, your legal affairs don’t have to be. Joining forces with a qualified team like Paperclip Law means that you can count on us to always have your back, no matter what challenges life throws your way. Our corporate legal services include:

  • Incorporation
  • Corporate governance and board advisory services
  • Partnerships, including shareholders and joint venture agreements
  • Employee and compensation agreements
  • Business mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring
  • Commercial agreements and documentation pertaining to manufacturing, distribution, licensing, confidentiality and consulting
  • Tax-driven transactions like estate freezes, rollovers, and family trusts
  • Mergers and acquisitions through asset and share purchases
  • Growing using debt and/or equity raises
  • Human resources and employment advisory
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual Property and more.

Meet Paperclip Law

At Paperclip Law, we believe that finding the right team for your legal needs should be simple. Since stepping onto the scene in 2011, we’ve chosen to take an innovative approach to client relationships, forming close bonds with each of our business owners and forging a strong foundation of trust and transparency in the process. Paperclip Law doesn’t believe in depending on fancy suits or boardrooms to get the job done; just hard work and expertise that can’t be beaten. Whether you’re taking your first steps as a business owner or are ready to tackle the market in a new way, we’re here to help.

Learn more about our corporate legal services by contacting our team today!

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