Corporate counsel gives your business the option of effective & prompt VIP legal services as if we’re right there with you.

The biggest issue that businesses encounter, and the reason you need corporate counsel the most, is that you have legal issues that come up but don’t have quite enough work for a full time lawyer. With high-growth companies where business is go-go-go, it’s just hard to justify the extra headcount or to deal with employment issues. Corporate counsel gives your business the option of hiring on-call lawyers that provide effective & prompt VIP service as if they’re right there in the office with you. The biggest leap is often not the pocket book, but the mindset that a lawyer could be a part of your core team. (Really? Really.) They get to know you and become embedded in your culture without the huge costs of having a lawyer on staff. When outsourcing corporate counsel, the benefits are endless.


In the beginning, it’s typical that corporate counsel helps businesses get set up, cleaned up, and organized, as well as help fill in all the gaps that have been missed (corporate resolutions, employee agreements, shareholders agreements, etc). They onboard and meet the entire team, even VP’s, accountants, sales teams, and HR departments, and understand their culture to anticipate things that might come up in the future. Business founders and owners inevitably grow to a certain phase when they need to focus on what’s important, and to have the legal team taking care of the other details is indispensable.


You have an entire team of lawyers there for you. There’s no story that needs to be retold or any order of business repeated because we all know what’s going on and take care of things simultaneously. If one person is away, sick, or doesn’t have the expertise, you have the entire team sharing the workload to support you.


Your corporate counsel should make you feel like you have experts, law ninjas if you will, on your team. At Paperclip Law, 3 out of our 4 lawyers have business degrees (and well, history often comes into play too, sometimes). This translates to a corporate counsel with a practical approach to your business and law in general. We know all the details of running a business, can read financial statements, and understand what your accountants are talking about and just boil it down to what you need to know so you can make the best decisions at just the right time.


Paperclip Law acts as Corporate Counsel to a select group of front-of-the-line clients. They get all the benefits of strategy, the hivemind of our entire team of lawyers, and the added advantage of our expertise and experience in working with other companies (mistakes, successes, and strategy). We commit to the well-being of their long-term goals and show up in their culture, literally in their offices, occasionally several times a month, without the hefty payroll. As your business grows, legal issues should, and will, come up. As your corporate counsel, we can quickly adapt to your needs. We can go all-in or just be around to discuss ideas. Either way, we’re here for you


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