Fab Friday Spotlight: Zili Health Inc.

You know those people that you admire from afar but never get the chance to connect with until one day when they call you saying that they have been watching you and wanting to work with you?

Maybe it’s the Aries in us? Maybe it’s just each of us working hard on doing good things in our community? Maybe it’s fate. This is Dr. Maryam Zeineddin in my life.

She’s a friend, a peer, (an idol in many ways) and someone who just has a vision for something, takes it and does it!  I’m proud to be invited to her lunch table and her newest initiative, Zili Health. Zili is a community of preventative health, rallying people to take charge of their health and discovering a sustainable way to make a change in the medical field.

Now that the sun is out and we’re all crawling out from under our umbrellas, what better time to have a refreshing look at our wellness. Zili is based on the six pillars of health: physical health, mindfulness, nutrition, health screening, connection, and intention. In a world where speed, social and stress have changed the way we live our lives, it’s time to regain our wellness and to rejuvenate ourselves.

Zili is kicking off with a Women’s Preventative Health Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre on June 3, with all proceeds being donated to local and global women’s health initiatives. Aside from the fantastic lineup of speakers, there will be breakfast, smoothies, yoga, meditation and an opportunity to spend the day for yourself and your health, or connecting with other women doing the same. Tickets are going fast, so join me there! 

Zili Health, Dr. Maryam Zeineddin Dr. Maryam Zeineddin
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