Fast, Easy, Dangerous: Exposing the Risks of DIY Legal Contracts

Does this scenario sound familiar? Imagine finding yourself in a position where you need some urgent contract work drawn up, but you’re pressed for time, and you’d rather save your hard-earned dollars if possible. If you’re nodding along in agreement or understanding, you’re not alone.

These days, with so many valuable resources available online for a fraction of the normal cost, it can be exceedingly tempting to go the “easy route” and attempt to handle your legal proceedings with a DIY kit or contract package. While such products are alluring on the surface (after all, who doesn’t want to save time and money), the reality is, unless you have an advanced legal background, they can actually do far more harm than good. Despite looking straightforward and simple to follow, DIY contracts are often confusing, limiting, and even dangerous for business owners to follow. At Paperclip Law, we partner with corporations of all sizes throughout the Greater Vancouver Region. With a wide variety of business-oriented legal services, including assisting with contract matters, our team is here to eliminate guesswork and to protect you from costly mistakes. Read on to learn more about the dangers of DIY contract kits and why you should partner with a team like Paperclip Law today!

1. The Devil’s in the Details

Let’s cut to the chase: one of the most frustrating parts of handling any legal matter is sifting through all of the minor details, terms, and conditions that get involved. Whether you’re a startup looking to save valuable investment capital, or are a seasoned market leader that wants to eliminate excess spending and streamline your internal HR department, the thought of cutting out the “middle man” and being able to take care of business yourself is understandably appealing.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that contract law is very rarely cut and dry, and each scenario will have a unique set of provisions and conditions that should be carefully evaluated. By denying yourself the chance to sit down with a trained expert, there’s a great deal of detail that could get missed, and key elements that may be excluded by accident, leaving both parties at risk (more on that in a bit).

2. They May Not Be As Concrete As You Think

Business owners can be caught off guard when it comes to litigation or contract enforcement if their paperwork isn’t in order. Just as we mentioned above, there are often key provisions and considerations that can get missed when you go it alone, and this can leave you out of luck down the line should you actually need to enforce your agreement with an unwilling party.

3. You Could Leave Yourself Liable

Just because you draft a feasible agreement doesn’t mean you’re always protected should things fall through. Contract law is an incredibly complex field with numerous loopholes, conditions, and stipulations to keep in mind when drafting your documentation. Without an expert on hand, you could risk leaving your company open to attack down the road, or worse, assuming personal liability for failed transactions.

4. You Could Have the Wrong Document

While it might sound silly to imagine filling in the wrong paperwork without noticing, you might be surprised to learn that this is a common occurrence. Commercial law has many chapters to deal with the infinite amount of daily occurrences facing business owners, and there are numerous types of contracts and forms that correspond to specific issues. With the stress of daily operations at the front of your mind, it can be easy enough to file the wrong paperwork and face costly setbacks when you need to refile.

5. You Could Be Missing Out

Arguably the most compelling reason to forgo a DIY contract kit and to sit down with a lawyer is this: you’ll likely get more out of the deal. Lawyers are trained to deal with the ins and outs of navigating corporate legalities quickly while simultaneously honouring your best interests. If you have the right team on your side, you can rest confident that your contracts aren’t just viable, but that they always have your needs in mind and keep you protected. The peace of mind this brings is often priceless and can save you countless hours of retracing your footsteps only to fill out the same paperwork again and again.

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