Fees, Bills, Charges.

Yuck. 3 words that no one wants to talk about, hear about or think about. Well, we don’t mind because we don’t like surprises either so best to get all this money talk out of the way at the beginning. Here’s our thoughts on the dreaded topic:

  • We’re not the cheapest, and we’re not the most expensive because we don’t want to be either of those.  We want to be the most valuable.
  • We don’t bill you just for calling us and asking us about how we can help you, asking about what help you need, how much things might cost, setting up an appointment or pointing you in the right direction. We don’t bill for answering those questions either.
  • If we ask you to lunch, we’re not billing you for it.

We bill for lawyering, like:

  • time spent reviewing or creating documents
  • legal research you’ve asked us to do in order to answer your question
  • telephone calls to discuss legal matters
  • meetings after our introductory chat

And when we bill for lawyering, we will either tell you exactly what something will cost or we will give you a dollar range.  No more hourly rates and no more nasty surprises.

Please give us a call at 604-973-0188 to request our full pricing guide.

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