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Are you tired of countless meetings with corporate lawyers that leave your wallet feeling lighter without ever really knowing why? Finding the right legal team to guide your business forward is a matter of finding the perfect fit between knowledge and relationship. At Paperclip Law, we know how fast the corporate world moves, as well as how important it is to build a foundation of trust and understanding with your legal advisors. We’re proud to partner with businesses throughout the Greater Vancouver Region to offer a wide range of corporate services tailored to your specific needs. From helping you through the first phases of incorporation to protecting your brand as you conquer the market and become a titan of industry, Paperclip has your back, every step of the way.

Finding the Right Fit Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Think every lawyer and every law firm is the same? Think again! At Paperclip Law, one of the most consistent complaints we hear from our clients about their previous legal firms is how frustrated they grew with the lack of personalization and approachability. As a team comprised of entrepreneurs that double as legal experts, we understand just how tricky it can be to find that “special sauce” that makes it easy to feel confident and happy while navigating the many legal challenges facing your business. Our lawyers are focused on getting to know you and your needs, forming a longstanding relationship that allows us to partner closely and offer counsel that not only protects you today but for many years to come. With a versatile and adaptable team of legal advisors on your side, you can tackle your next hurdle with ease and have peace of mind knowing that your lawyers always have you covered.

Flexibility and Expertise Where it Matters

Let’s face it: there’s no shortage of legal details to stay on top of when setting up and operating a business. From filing paperwork that makes your brand official to protecting intellectual property, handling hiring, resolving disputes and everything in between, knowing you have the support you need makes it much easier to focus on the intricacies of growing your brand while also ensuring you’re protected where it matters most. Paperclip Law offers an extensive list of corporate legal services including:

  • Assisting with the incorporation of new companies
  • Corporate governance and board advisory services
  • Shareholder agreements and joint venture contracts
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring
  • Compensation agreements
  • HR and employment advisory
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Dispute resolution, and more.

Partnering with Paperclip Law means always having access to the resources you need, as well as the perk of flat-rate billing that helps to alleviate financial stress and keep things simple. Our team is here to support your business by removing any roadblocks and challenges that stand in the way of your success. Simply put, Paperclip Law is here to be your biggest supporter and champion

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