Happy Staff, Happy Owners – Makes for a Happy Brand

Why take your staff to the most luxurious hotel in the city and live an afternoon of happy surprises? Three takeaways for me and the ladies on my team.

Fairmont Pacific Rim, Paperclip Law, happy staff

It all started in Room 630.

A girls’ afternoon out at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, upgraded to the pool deck for an afternoon of parting clouds overlooking the most beautiful city in the world. We stepped away from our keyboards and phones to refresh ourselves and connect with each other. Our team, our company and our vision for where we are going have all changed and the girls have gone through a lot of challenges and survived lean people times. It WAS hard to go through the ups and downs in a growing company and I know that.
I wanted them to experience what they deliver to our clients:

  1. People love happy surprises!  We got spoiled with a check-in upgrade, poolside popcorn, in-room fruit kebabs, and 4-minute meal delivery from Enroot. We always want that for our clients. Happy surprises that brighten their experience, especially when dealing with lawyers and all that serious stuff.
  2. The pool deck overlooks North Vancouver, the Squamish mountains and Gastown, where we’re part of building great things in these unique communities. It helps to step back and take the vision outside the office and our keyboards, so the team can also see the bigger picture.
  3. I’m grateful to the backbone of my company for all they do for our clients, their families, their businesses, their communities, each other and me. I want them to know that I am honoured to work with them, care deeply about each of them, and want them to feel pampered and recognized for their everyday efforts. Gratitude is contagious and reflects in both their creativity in solving problems, their productivity in getting things done, and the gratitude that clients feel towards us for being part of their life’s most important decisions. So a great big “Thank You!” to the team for carrying out my vision for this company.

Happy staff leads to happy clients leads to happy owners. It works for us. Cheers to bubbles in the hot tub!

Paperclip Law, Fairmont Pacific Rim, happy staff

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