How do we do things around here?

It’s obvious that we do things a little different around here and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

When we first started in 2011, we just did what we were good at to survive the start-up years. But, as we grew (and I became a mom), it was clear that we were carving a new path for delivering legal services (truly). As momentum built up, there was something that was missing from the strategy of how we operate our business. There were people who fit the way we do things, and then there were not. But what was it? What was attracting or repelling certain people?

Last summer, I decided to invest in figuring that out. As a team, we sat around our big boardroom table, and brainstormed hundred’s of words and phrases about what it means to be quintessentially “paperclippy” and why people love (and some hate) us. That’s okay, we aren’t here to impress or have everyone love us, but for those that we “clip” with, we’re all in and will continue to be that way.

With all those words, we grouped them into the core of who we are and out came our values! After sitting with them for a few months and trying them on for size, we got it down to something that means someting to us and how we do things around here:

  • Lead with Heart – we respect and celebrate our differences in opinions, emotions, and dreams and encourage everyone to bring what’s in their “hearts” (unfiltered) to the discussion table and office environment so we can learn from each other and embrace growing through diversity
  • Be on the Same Side – we make decisions, send emails, make calls, and brainstorm like we’re all on the same side with the common intention of doing better, whether that’s with each other, with our families, with our clients, within our communities or environment. We’re gentle and forgiving and do our best to take the adversity and opposition out of the way we do things.
  • Turn up our Vibe – we’re not your typical navy-suited law firm sitting in silo’d offices billing out by the hour, and we want everyone to own it and turn it up! While maintaining the highest standards, we can bring a comfortable delivery, and truly embrace our cheeky place in an archaic industry.
  • Jump out of the Box – we’re prepared to stick our necks out and be the leading edge of change that we want to see in the law and business world. We will enthusiastically try out new things and stay creative to continue the trend of innovation and curiosity.

We have been doing things this way for so long, but it was so fulfilling and such a relief to define them. Now for the hard part of pushing these in every moment and touchpoint! We’re excited for the start of this journey.


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