Why is Paperclip Law in Squamish?

Many people don’t know we have an office in Squamish. It’s a cool space we share with The Mortgage Studio. Being here allows us to strengthen our ties through serving friends and small businesses. How? We’re helping our clients close homes in the Highlands. We’re incorporating small businesses on Cleveland Ave. We’re crafting new wills for young families welcoming new babies. The relationships we build here have to be real, high quality and go both ways. Just the way we like them.  

Small Community Vibe, Big City Access

Squamish is a small community, which means that our clients are on the trails, beside the soccer fields, and on the mats at parent playgroups. This makes for amazing quality of life, and one that we feel part of. Unlike other BC communities, people are making a living in non-conventional, entrepreneurial, sometimes global ways – all without attitude. We share your passion for family values and living your lifestyle on your own terms – we also share the highway.

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We’re on the ground and up the Chief

There’s something about a small community that brings people together and inspires people to get involved. 

Eddie Carter, a Squamish local, is a volunteer member of the fire department. He keeps the community safe alongside one of our best strategic partners, Captain Dave Sweeney of HollisWealth. Jonathan Vroom is a member of the Lions Bay Search and Rescue and jumps to the back country when needed. Our founder, Elizabeth Mah, has served hundreds of families and small businesses across the sea to sky corridor since our inception 6 years ago. Why does this matter? We get you. We’re one of you. We want to grow with you.

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