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When you think of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, your mind probably wanders to the summer’s latest blockbuster, your favourite tv show, an upcoming live performance or any one of the fascinating products that the world of showbiz has to offer. While you may be aware of some of the more overt legal aspects that are involved in the entertainment field such as handling licensing and franchise rights and payment disputes, there’s much more to be discovered underneath the surface. Just like any other industry, the film and entertainment world has plenty of details, regulations, stipulations and standards that need to be upheld to see a project through from start to finish. From hiring on the biggest names in the business to contracting caterers and figuring out where to set up shop for your crew during filming, these lesser-known details play a big role in bringing everything together to create the finished product we see at home or in theatres. lawyers assist productions with navigating these details and bring peace of mind every step of the way. Below, we’ll explore just a few ways entertainment law helps bring your favourite features to the market.

What is Entertainment Law?

Entertainment law exists to help regulate this fast-paced industry and to ensure that all involved parties are protected as imagination becomes reality. Having a dedicated team of well-versed legal consultants on hand allows you to navigate the complexities of the entertainment world with confidence while also ensuring your assets, funding, and other valuable items have the right safeguards in place right from the very start. As a job with many hats, an entertainment legal consultant must be versatile and prepared to deal with any challenge; after all, the stage waits for no one! Typical duties for an entertainment lawyer might include:

  • Drafting and negotiating production contracts for writers, directors, acting and recording talent.
  • Handling licensing and distribution matters.
  • Assisting with financing applications, sponsorships, bank loans, independent investors, and more.
  • Drafting appearance agreements, finalizing location agreements, and handling and issues that arise.
  • Reviewing all contracts and related legal documents to analyze rights issues or other business and/or legal questions.

In short, there is no shortlist of roles and duties a legal team might assist with during production. This means that your team must be well-versed in all aspects of entertainment, corporation, HR, and related legal fields to ensure smooth sailing and minimize conflicts.

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