6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

The business world has become a different landscape in these last few weeks. Now more than ever businesses are looking inward for solutions to optimize and thrive in this current climate. We’ve put together some great solutions to get some spring cleaning done for you and your business:

1. Evaluate your goals. What have you learned about your business, your team, as well as yourself in the last year (or in these past couple of C-19 months)? What changes could be made to help you reach your goals, or do your goals and the way you achieve them need to be re-defined? The business world has changed forever and with a growth mindset, we can expand how and why we do business.

2. Strategize. How can you adapt to a different business climate, how can you remain relevant, and how can you continue to provide above-and-beyond service? Many businesses are looking into new ways to use the tools they have on hand—from local breweries canning up house-made hand sanitizer to small bakeries providing curb-side pick ups. As entrepreneurs, we need to consider the needs of our community to ensure the value of what we are selling. Anticipating what their existing customers are looking for now and in the future can help build your business strategies

3. Declutter. Clearing your workspace can help remove potential distractions. Especially with many of us working from home these days, making sure our workspaces are clear of distractions can make or break your productivity. Some other ways you can declutter:

  • Take some time to de-clutter your digital world too. Delete old files, archive ancient emails, and clear up some server space!
  • Add spam filters and unsubscribe to any emails you always delete anyways.
  • Go through your storage closets and back rooms and clear out any unused furniture or stock. Sell them or donate them for good use. We donated some old bookshelves to the Make a Wish foundation and it was a win-win!
  • Try meditation! Sometimes even your mind needs a cleansing, so take a few deep breaths and let it all go!

4. Attack the dormant to-do list. With many people having extra time on their hands, this is a great time to attack that to-do list you’ve been putting off for weeks, months, or years. Is estate planning a task you’ve been putting off? We are offering 30% off estate planning services until the end of April. An additional 10% off will be given to those working the frontlines of the C-19 crisis. Contact us for more details.

5. Focus on marketing. With businesses suffering now more than ever, it’s a great time to devise some new strategies and opportunities to get yours and your businesses name out there. Come up with ways to create uplifting and valuable content, take the time to interact with your digital community, and find ways to come together even if we need to stay apart. This is the time to build relationships. You may be tempted to cut budgets for marketing, but take it from us—this can be potentially harmful to your company’s long-term digital presence. Think long-term about how you want to continue to build yourself as a business and where you want to be in the next 10 or 20 years.

6. Turn inward. Take some time to reassess your own personal goals, make sure you are taking care of yourself, and continue to connect with others in any way possible. We hope you get some value from these tips, they have certainly helped us. If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter, please sign up here. We send out tips like these, updates in the law world, and how we’re continuing to serve in these uncertain times.

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