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A few years before Paperclip Law was born, a friend of mine introduced me to someone who wanted advice about whether or not to be a lawyer when she grew up. That was the day I met Lisa Puterman and we became fast friends (we also share a birthday, so that made it easy!). Soon after, she embarked on a journey to law school in the UK and we kept in frequent touch. When she moved back to North Vancouver to be closer to her family and start her own, she was looking for a better work-life balance (aren’t we all…?!). 

“I had been away on maternity leave and during that year had thought long and hard about what I wanted to go back to. What type of law did I want to practice, what areas of law interested me and what type of people did I want to spend the better half of my day with.” – Lisa

In the past, during our catch-ups with one another, I had mentioned one day wanting her to join the Paperclip Law team but the timing was never right. However, after moving back to the North Shore, we met for a lovely glass of vino (like we usually did), discussed a future at Paperclip Law, a job was offered, and she accepted.

From the legal side, Lisa brings knowledge, experience, and an ability to practice litigation that is complementary to the way Paperclip Law operates. She brings the style and confidence that clients are comfortable with. She’s results-oriented and practical, has a happy, positive drive, and a personality that’s open-hearted and open-minded about change. It feels good to have her as part of the momentum and direction that Paperclip Law is headed – we’re thrilled to have her on our team.

“Elizabeth has hand-selected an awesome team of lawyers, paralegals and legal support staff who have made Paperclip Law what it is today. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel at ease, which in law, is difficult to do. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!?” – Lisa


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