Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Estate Planning Done Now

Estate planning is something that is frequently put off—sometimes for too long. Ensuring your will and estate have been planned and executed is paramount to easing the stress of your loved ones in the case of your death or incapacity. We have put together the top three reasons to prioritize getting your will done:

  1. Gain Control

By getting your estate planning done now, you are able to make all the big decisions yourself and not risk this responsibility falling on your immediate family without a plan in place. Preparing your estate plan now allows you to choose potential guardians for your children and/or pets, an executor for your estate, your Power of Attorney or your representative for health care matters, as well as beneficiaries for your estate. Choosing the right people is crucial as they will be the ones stepping in to make decisions in your place if and when you are unable to.

  1. Save Time

The legal process is dependent on obtaining information from third parties such as financial institutions as well as waiting on approval from government agencies before the estate can be finalized. If the estate has no will or legal documents to support your posthumous wishes, then the case will be delayed by court processes to find someone to be appointed as beneficiary. Which is to say, there is no better time to get your estate planning completed than now.

  1. Save Money

By being proactive and getting your estate planning done, you ensure that you have considered all financial consequences of your death or incapacity. You are able to discuss and plan for not only estate taxes, but for costs such as probate fees, capital gains, empty or vacant home taxes, and other costs that may arise for your beneficiaries. Planning ahead allows you to plan for cash flow that may be required now or later. You would also be able to reduce the cost of lawyers and other professional fees associated with navigating the estate work without any legal documents. This is especially important if litigation becomes a part of the equation or if your beneficiaries are not financially prepared to handle your estate. This month at Paperclip Law, if you make an estate planning appointment for January or February, you will receive 30% off services provided. Another way to save you money and a reason to cross estate planning off your list of things to do.

Estate planning is a vital component of ensuring your loved ones are not left with the burden of handling your estate in the event of your incapacity or death without a solid plan in place. Our team of legal experts can give you the guidance you need to ensure your loved ones can handle your estate with simplicity and ease. Email us at to receive our workbook which outlines pricing details, the estate planning process, and the information we need to get you started.

Paperclip Law is committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience and are given solutions that are simple and manageable. We believe that estate planning can be simple. Contact us today to learn more!

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