Land Ownership Registry Filing

Hello there, Hope you are well! Our team hit up the pumpkin patch for some waffles and sunshine last Friday to celebrate our achievements this past summer, and now we’re knee deep in puddles, apple pies, cinnamon everything, and of course, all we could talk about are Land Owner Transparency Registry filings! There is no […]

Acquisitions: How to Prepare Your Company for Sale

Are you in the early stages of considering putting your company up for sale and letting another entity acquire your business? Whether you’re looking to retire, diversify your investment portfolio or simply focus your efforts elsewhere, corporate acquisitions are a fantastic way to close one chapter and open yourself up to what happens next. With […]

What Are the Benefits of External Legal Counsel

Do you know the value of working with an external legal team? While it can sometimes feel daunting to work with an outside team, the reality often is that having an objective third party serves as a significant advantage that makes it easier to obtain your goals and handles disputes. At Paperclip Law, we understand […]

Conquer with Confidence with Paperclip Law

Are you looking to boost your business and get ready for the next phase of expansion? Whether you’re a startup that’s looking to lay a solid foundation for the growth of your company or a longstanding corporation that’s ready to shake things up and take control of the market, Paperclip Law is here to help! […]

Commercial Lease Renewals: What You Need to Know

Are you facing an upcoming commercial lease renewal and wondering how you can best protect your bottom line? 2020 shifted the corporate landscape in unique ways, with many businesses choosing to work from home indefinitely, and countless business owners find themselves now facing the question of what to do with their commercial lease. Knowing what […]

Get Corporate Legal Services With Paperclip Law

It’s time to partner with a corporate legal team you can trust. Paperclip Law is here to help. Are you tired of countless meetings with corporate lawyers that leave your wallet feeling lighter without ever really knowing why? Finding the right legal team to guide your business forward is a matter of finding the perfect […]

Fast, Easy, Dangerous: Exposing the Risks of DIY Legal Contracts

Does this scenario sound familiar? Imagine finding yourself in a position where you need some urgent contract work drawn up, but you’re pressed for time, and you’d rather save your hard-earned dollars if possible. If you’re nodding along in agreement or understanding, you’re not alone. These days, with so many valuable resources available online for […]

Spotlight On: Corporate Law

At Paperclip Law we’re proud to offer clients in the Greater Vancouver Region, as well as Squamish and the lower mainland access to leading legal expertise for a wide range of needs, including corporate matters, wills and estates, and more. We are proud to partner with businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to navigate the […]

Here to Help You Succeed: Legal Expertise With Paperclip Law

If you’re in need of assistance when it comes to navigating corporate and personal legal matters, Paperclip Law is here to help. Since 2011, our team of experts has partnered with clients throughout the Greater Vancouver Region, Fraser Valley and Squamish BC to tackle their legal needs with easer. As a firm, we understand how […]

Stronger Together: Corporate Legal Services With Paperclip Law

Are you ready to take your place at the top of the market? In need of a legal team you can trust to have your back when it matters the most? Tired of dreading long, drawn-out meetings with your legal advisors that leave you with more questions than answers? Paperclip Law is here to help! […]