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Whether you’re renovating an existing property, developing a new commercial space, or designing a custom home, construction projects present a wide variety of complex details and challenges to stay on top of. Problems can arise on any build, even with the best-laid plans in place. From issues with contractors (and homeowners) to hold back disputes and more, construction complications can lead to a frustrating experience for everyone involved, as well as place undue stress on finances.

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At Paperclip Law, we understand that construction litigation can often feel like a daunting prospect for all parties involved. Disputes cost everyone time and money, and without the proper legal counsel by your side, can often drag out longer than anyone wants. Our team is here to support clients through a wide variety of construction-related issues ranging from the resolution of simple matters to complex disputes.

Our construction litigation practice include:

  • Non-Payment
  • Holdbacks
  • Delays
  • Structural and design defects
  • Breaches of contract
  • Builder liens
  • Scope of work/additional work disputes and more.

If you’re stuck in a construction-related bind, Paperclip Law is here to help you find the best solution and to resolve all related conflicts as quickly as possible.

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Since 2011, Paperclip Law has proudly partnered with clients from a diverse background of industries, applications, and needs. We are always here to offer sound legal counsel, as well as provide innovative solutions that set the bar for success.

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