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Our lawyers help food lovers who need lawyers. We’re talking about the food growers, food makers, food bakers, food servers, food truckers and food sellers.

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Sink Your Teeth In The Market

Vancouver is home to one of the most diverse and delectable food scenes in North America, with cuisines from all over the world catering to food lovers of all tastes and backgrounds. Whether your business is at the forefront of the foodie scene, supplies local vendors with their goods, or works behind the scenes to dream up the next delicious recipe, Paperclip Law is here to ensure that you, as well as those you serve, are protected.

From Five Star Fine Dining To Hidden Gems, We Have You Covered

When it comes to the food industry, there’s no shortage of details involved in protecting and growing your business. Liability, intellectual property, expansions, mergers, licensing, and other factors can lead to headaches, roadblocks, and other complications. Partnering with an experienced legal team means you can focus on what matters most: create delicious products and building your customer base. Paperclip Law is proud to assist food service providers, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs and more with the many legal aspects of operating their businesses. We’ve helped clients:

  • Buy or sell restaurants, bakeries, pubs, and other food businesses
  • Open an eatery or drinkers
  • Franchise a food service
  • Distribute food throughout Canada and the US
  • Open food trucks and pop-ups
  • Prepare catering and foodservice contracts
  • Sell food items online
  • Protect artisan recipes and secrets

Whether you’re looking to set up shop or take things to the next level, Paperclip Law is here to support you, every step of the way.

Transforming The Client-Lawyer Relationship

Tired of dealing with lawyers that leave you feeling left out, over billed, and frustrated? So are we! At Paperclip Law, we believe in forming transparent relationships with our clients based on a foundation of trust and exceptional knowledge. Our team is here to watch your back through every hoop, hurdle, and triumph, guiding you forward with ease.

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