Corporate Debt

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Corporate debt is a complicated and unpleasant process to navigate alone; outstanding funds put a strain on your operations and the time spent chasing negligent clients often leads to more frustration, as well as lost work hours for a business. Coordinating your course of action, handling debt collections, and maintaining your daily operations can become a juggling act that leaves most business owners feeling stretched thin. 

Let Us Focus On The Heavy Lifting

Whether you’re the sole proprietor or the head of a major corporation, we understand that time is one of your most important assets. Without the proper resources and expertise on your side, outstanding debt will undoubtedly take away valuable focus from your day to day operations and impact your cash flow. Paperclip Law partners with our clients to handle all legal aspects of corporate debt efficiently and effectively.

Our comprehensive list of corporate debt services includes:

  • Debt Consolidation and Refinancing
  • Loan Defaults
  • Unpaid suppliers/service providers
  • Garnishments
  • Security agreements, and more.

With the right legal support, handling outstanding corporate debts can be a hassle-free process. Our team will work alongside you to determine the best strategy to resolve your current issues, as well as protect your business in the future.

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Since stepping onto the Vancouver legal scene in 2011, Paperclip Law has sought to boldly redefine the way individuals and corporate clients see lawyers and their legal challenges. As a team, we believe in forging lasting relationships that are built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and, most importantly; comfort. You won’t find us holed up in an intimidating boardroom wearing stiff suits and blank expressions; we’re here to build connections and drive results for lasting impact.

At Paperclip Law, we know how daunting legal matters can be, even for the most experienced individuals. Our goal is to provide you with readily accessible support, as well as innovative solutions that set the bar for success, no matter the case.

From answering minor questions to handling large scale disputes, we’re always in your corner, every step of the way!

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